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About Me: What's Good Friday 2018, Can it be a banking holiday in the united kingdom and what's it about? When is Good Friday? This year, Good Friday will autumn on Friday, March 30. Read more about good friday pictures and good friday greetings In Numerous customs, the current date can be known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, '' Blackfriday or even Easter Friday. Is Good Friday a bank holiday? Good information, Good Friday is just a banking holiday, therefore for many individuals, it indicated the beginning of their Easter weekend. Monday April 2 is also a banking holiday, but not every work will provide employees these two Easter goes away. Financial institution or public holidays do not need to be more given to personnel as paid leave, an employer may decide whether or not to add bank holidays as a piece of an employee's legal depart. Your Government website includes more details on exactly what your employee's rights are in regards to public vacations. Bank holidays may also impact how rewards are paid out, the website points out how they could be affected. Why do we celebrate Good Friday? Good Friday is commemorated due to the date marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Accounts of the state that it had been that the day that the son of God was murdered by Judas before he was sentenced to death. Experts believe the event was coined "Good Friday" because the term "good" means pious or sacred. ALAMY 3 An incredible number of Christians throughout the planet are place to celebrate Easter on April 16Are there every other Easter dates to look out for? Lent crosses for forty days, and you'll find numerous activities celebrated from the Christian calendar during this sacred time period. Listed below are all of the Easter-related celebrations to keep an eye out for... Palm Sunday -- March 25 Spy Wednesday -- March 28 Maundy Thursday -- March 2-9 Good Friday -- March Thirty Holy Saturday -- March 3-1 Easter Sunday -- April Inch Easter Monday -- April 2


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