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Profession: Amateur Researcher, Amateur Inventor, Amateur Mathematician, Amateur Phylosopher and a Futurist.

About Me: Well, from all the quotes in your front page, Mark Twain’s one describes me best. I always had my own ways of thinking, solving math problems at class, theories about the workings of the Universe, and the Mind. I even sacrificed my University studies (and a degree in Computer Technologies) just to be able to evolve my own ideas that I had at that time and not to spoil them with conventional knowledge. Some of these concepts or ideas turned out to be known, used or considered: like Retrocausality, Cartesian Theater, Hidden Variables Theory. Others remain unknown, or at least “not discovered” yet, and this is the reason I desided to register in this site. I hope to share them, to put them in discussion, or just “show them to the world”.


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